The most complete Insurance Claims Management Software

Save time and money by speeding up claim-related operations with an automated Claims Handling Software. 
  • One centralized cloud database for Claim Processing and Claims Management.
  • Reduce the loss from claims & reach quick outcomes.
  • Effectively administrate your Claims Lifecycle and present  value to your clients by reducing operational costs.
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Do more with less!

TerraClaim reduces the time taken to verify, compare, and manage your claims by 60%. Users report they have been able to reclaim approximately 12 hours per week thanks to our system.
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Manage all Claims in one Centralized Location

  • Effectively administrate your Claims Lifecycle and present  value to your clients by reducing operational costs.
  • Automatic notifications allow you to stay on top of claims without constantly revisiting documents.
  • Eliminate paper trails and transform Terraclaim in a datahub for all your claims.
  • Faster communicational processes. All operations run smoother in one centralized system.

Claim your time back!

  • Users report they have been able to reclaim on average 12 hours per week thanks to our automated system.
  • Keep detailed information in a comprehensive database with useful filters.
  • Generate full and tailored reports.
  • Direct access to a robust Claims Data warehouse to compare against insurance industry peers. 
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Get better results with less effort


Claim Management

A versatile tool to centralize and manage insurance claims using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning automations.


Claim Benchmark

Test your performance against industry peers. Get access to a robust Claims Data warehouse to compare against insurance industry peers. 


Vendor Connect

A unique automated platform to transfer data and connect claims vendors with payers on Property and Casualty claims.

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"Benchmarking is a key component in analyzing the performance of a client’s workers’ compensation program. TerraClaim Benchmark provides TPA’s and their clients with a quality, easy-to-use tool that provides many options to review performance results from multiple data selection variables. It is an important tool we utilize in our client stewardship reports."


Skip Brechtel

Executive Vice President & CIO CCMSI

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Manage Success Yourself

Speed up and increase Claims Management efficiency today by implementing TerraClaim.

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Three solutions to improve efficiency

With our focus on machine learning, TerraClaim has been able to automate claims process for Insurance providers.


Reduce Claims Management Costs

Claim Management Software enables TPAs and Self-Insureds to make better, quicker property and casualty claims handling decisions.

Our world-class property and casualty system streamlines internal claims processes, improves productivity levels, drives desired results, and proactively prevents fraud.

  • Real-time dashboards with easy-to-find claims data.
  • Claimant and employer demographics and details.
  • Policy and coverage information with corresponding certificates in one cloud-based location. 

Leverage data with TerraClaim Benchmark 

A powerful cross-industry claims benchmarking tool for Self-Insureds, TPAs, PEOs and Risk Managers who need a solution to benchmark their claims performance against industry peers.

Validate effectiveness and identify opportunities to improve risk management programs and facilitate claims outcomes. 

  • Access to a continuously growing claims data warehouse.
  • Dashboard to view graphical and tabular results of claim benchmarking performance.
  • Comparison reports and powerful search filters and search capabilities for more granular segmentation.


Maximize efficiencies with Vendor Connect

Meet the automated gateway responsible for facilitating referral workflows and data transfer. A unique platform for connecting claims vendors with payers on P&C claims.

Streamline in one place the ordering process, provide better access to claim data and to dramatically reduce the amount of time involved in placing orders and providing services for vendors. 

  • Automate data transfers related to Referral Services between Claims Management Platforms and vendors.
  • Increase the quality of Referrals along with having key data for AI analysis.
  • Receive, organize and send all information in a quicker and efficient way.

Choose the solution you need and discover how easy it is to adapt         TerraClaim to your current system!